Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Prejudice Prevented Knicks from Signing Jeremy Lin

There will be many excuses said for why the New York Knicks didn't re-sign Jeremy Lin. 

They can blame it on the size of his contract signed with the Houston Rockets or the situation last season was a result of good fortune playing for Mike D'Antoni or that he was just a flash in a pan type-an anomaly.

The real reason they didn't sign him is partly because of his race.  No one would ever admit to it and it's a discussion nobody wants to have, but his ethnicity must be examined as part of why he wasn't re-signed. 

He gave them every reason in the world to be re-signed.  There hadn't been a sensation like Lin playing in the NBA ever before in its history.  He was a one-of-a-kind phenomenon.

He scored 38 points in one game, had 25 points and 10 assists in another.  He guided them to a healthy winning streak when it was least expected.  He breathed life into the Big Apple franchise.

His payback from the franchise was doubt regarding his talent, doubt about his ability to rehabilitate from injury and doubt about his heritage being able to ball for real.

This story can be twisted by the Knicks' organization (including players) to say many things, except the truth.  Jeremy Lin is not the right 'fit' because he's different.

Asian-Americans still don't get respect as athletes in the U.S.  They are still greatly stereotyped.  Possibly, it is the ethnic group most stereotyped. 

In the U.S., playing skillful basketball has been a stereotype with a negative tone for Asian-Americans.

Lin proved everybody wrong.  He is a baller, even a dunker, as he displayed in a couple of his starts last season.

Now, the bias is that Lin is not capable of continuing to play at a high level and keep the 'Linning' going.

Call it what it is, when it comes to how Lin's departure was handled, it was straight prejudice.

Originally published July 18, 2012


  1. You can't be serious! You honestly believe the Knicks did not resign Lin because of his race?

  2. I believe he wasn't the 'right' fit for them because he's different.

  3. Nobody ever credits the FACT that black racism is the most widespread, disgusting and virulent form of Racism in America today. Any black dumb*ss like Chris Rock can publicly diss every white person in America and he won't even get a slap on the wrist. Say anything negative about a Black person and they get out the ropes, regardless of whether it's true or not. I'm 100% sure that Jeremy Lin was cut from the Knicks due to Black Racism. If there's any race that Blacks hate more than Whites, its Asians. Asians come to America and achieve success within one lifetime, while Blacks flounder on welfare for generation after generation. The one area where Blacks EXPECT to excel is in Sports, that's why the existence of Jeremy Lin is an earth-shattering anathema to them. It refutes every stereotype that unthinking racist Black bigots believe in.

    1. Speaking of "disgusting" and also dumb, you must be the worst!

  4. I think the race issue is not as significant as it seems. The main reason is the Knicks team is not big enough to take in any player who might steal the thunder of their current super stars. Furthermore, JLin hasn't played long enough to get the respect from them.