Saturday, July 21, 2012

Undeniable Terrorism Strikes Colorado Movie Theater

The mainstream media is wrong.  They said it wasn't a terrorist act.

Absolutely, this was terrorism.  It was an assault on American culture.  This was the same as going to Comic-Con in San Diego and detonating a suicide bomb.

A midnight premiere at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado, for arguably, the most popular comic book hero of all time, attracted a faithful crowd.  

The excitement was palpable for these movie-goers.  They had waited months for the newest installment in the Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises.

This showing was at midnight, so even more anticipation and fun were expected. People were probably dressed for the occasion, in honor of their favorite character, hero or villain.  Who are these people?  Many are nerds without any problem admitting it.  They are computer geeks or they are the type who like to dress-up, who read fantasy or like a good tale.  They are all regular, normal, everyday citizens.  The people hurt in this tragedy are of all backgrounds and different religions.  They are male, female, children, teens, young adults, parents, grandparents, hetero and gay, Black, White, Asian, Latino and of Mixed heritage/ethnicity.

The killer shot a cross-blend of America.  He knew what he was doing.  His target was to hit a safe place where Americans go for a leisure activity and hurt families.

It may have been a conscious mind-set to kill Americans at the movies who were celebrating popular culture or it may have been part of his sub-conscious mind that made this decision.  He obvious planned the whole thing in his conscious mind.

He was either killing because he wants to be remembered as the 'Batman Movie Murderer', a crazy person throwing his life away in the sickest way possible by taking other lives, or he was killing to make a statement.

This terrorist act as a statement to the world says American culture is trivial and not worthwhile.

This guy was anti-American at the worst level.  It doesn't matter how deranged his motive was.  He purposely went after something uniquely American.

He is on the same level as Timothy McVeigh and the 9/11 bombers.  McVeigh brutalized ordinary Americans over his beliefs about the role of the U.S. government, the 9/11 bombers brutalized ordinary American citizens over what they thought were Western beliefs infiltrating their religion.

These movie-goers who suffered through this gutless, heartless action were having a fully American experience.

They were at the movie theater at midnight, like the old Rocky Horror Picture Show start time.  They were seeing a film derived from a comic book with adventure, science-fiction and lots of action.  All of these awesome movie-related ideas have transformed the world and were invented in the U.S.

What does a Comic-Con type of audience represent now in America?

It is a fun, diverse group, intelligent and full of life.  A Comic-Con audience is America.  They are as American as the American military or American sports fans.

These lives lost must never be forgotten.  They were victims of a terrorist, whose name should be quickly forgotten.

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