Sunday, July 15, 2012

Video Highlights: Beckham, Donovan, Keane Chop Down the Timbers 5-3; Will High Scoring Game Bring New Fans?

David Beckham and Robbie Keane scored twice each, while Landon Donovan scored the other.

Beckham and Donovan assisted too. They each had an integral pass to accomodate Keane's goals.

The 'designated ones' put on a show at a raucous Portland stadium and for a national cable audience on NBC Sports Network.

At 8pm Portland time (11pm Eastern), when the match started, it would have been hard to predict 8 goals were coming up.  This many goals scored is an unusual sight in a pro Soccer game.  But, all the goals scored seem to fit perfectly into the flow of this game.

They came in all ways Saturday night as the LA Galaxy sent a message on what to expect for the second half of this MLS season.

Donovan's was the lone penalty kick.  One of Beckham's was off a set piece as was one of Portland's. Beckham's other was long distance, while one of Portland's was putting away the trash from a ricochet off the LA goalkeeper.  And, each team had one awesome assist to the box for a put away.

Lots of variety and plenty of entertaining, no drab 0-0 game on this night.  It was the kind of game to wake up pundits frustrated with the lack of scoring in Soccer.

The Galaxy are looking towards a brighter future for this 2012 MLS season.  They are moving up in the standings and are in the playoffs at this point.  They are in 5th place, which is good enough for the last spot of the Western Conference.

This season the top 5 from each conference make the playoffs.  The fourth and fifth seeds play each other in one match to determine who plays the first ranked seed in the semis of the conference playoffs.

Too bad not every game can be this exciting.  0-0, 1-0 games can be edge of the seat-great spectating as well, just not so often.  More of the higher scoring style of games is what can ultimately make MLS the number one sport in America, even ahead of the NFL.

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  1. I have to admit that Benckham has some soccer juice left.