Friday, August 17, 2012

A Vote for Mitt Romney is a Kick in the Gut

The middle class and education needs to move forward in this country, anyone thinking differently shouldn't be reading this site.

It is like the Obama campaign says, the country needs to be built back up from the middle class outward.

The top-down economics may have worked in the past because there was enough excess and enough illegal immigration to make up for the needs of businesses.  Now, this format no longer exists.

The middle class is waiting to bust out and grow.  Education is what will fill the void.

Obama is leading the way.  He knows the reality of the United States.

Mitt Romney is a wannabee.  He'll always be a wannabee. He has no new ideas and he doesn't believe in education as the most important characteristic for growing this economy and this country.

Mitt Romney's ideals are aligned with those who need to cut corners and cheat to get to their goals. They pay taxes according to how they perceive how they should pay taxes.

The future of this country will only improve if the proletariat can send their children to college to learn math and sciences.

People who fall for the Right's message are victims of being told how to think.  Conservatives have good ideas, but there needs to be compromise.  There will never be a perfect system, yet they seem to think they have all the answers.  Most of the answers lie in the middle.

Part of the problem with the solutions pushed by Republicans is the tone of their idealism.  They won't negotiate to find common ground.  Racism against Obama exists.  It is so subtle, it is hard to understand.

Register to vote and get others to register to vote for Obama, someone who stands for the betterment of this country, someone who stands for improvement, rather than the status quo.

It is not too late.  The leader in power has led by example while thinking of the common good.  He makes decisions with the middle class in mind and how to make things more fair.

Stand up to those around you chanting for Romney/Ryan and ideals that don't serve the common good.  Yes, they are right that government can be smaller and that taxes should be less, but they have no plan for going forward towards a future that is beneficial to all.

Obama also thinks that government can be less and taxes can be lowered, but, he comes to the plate with ideas.

Right now, investment needs to be made back into the country.  Faith and restoration needs to be placed back into those who are willing to work towards a future that requires work.  It is no longer about those who want to stand by and look at how the economy does; it is about doing.   Only education and hard work will get the country out of the mess it's in.

The Republicans do not want to chance investing and this is their loss.

If you believe in America, you'll vote for Obama, if you don't, then, G-d help you.

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