Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tom Hanks Attends Portland Timbers Game, Schmoozes with Players

Tom Hanks talks Soccer shop in the video above.

Apparently, he is a fan of Aston Villa, who was in town to play the Timbers for an exhibition friendly.  He explains how Aston Villa came to be the team he roots for.

Tom doesn't quite say that he favors one team over the other.  He is familiar with Timber Joey's antics and seems to know how to represent the American side of Soccer quite well.

He is relatively knew to the game and is still learning, but, it's good to see him take the time to visit America's most passionate Soccer stadium.

Going to an MLS game in Portland should be a high priority for all American Soccer fans.

Tom is one of America's all-time biggest movie stars.  By coming out for an MLS match, he is sending a message of support for Soccer.

Sometimes, with the choice to be anywhere, being in Portland at an MLS game is the best place to be, just ask Tom Hanks.

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