Monday, August 13, 2012

Video: Landon Donovan Notches Four Assists in SuperClasico Victory

What is the SuperClasico?

It is the intra-city rivalry between the LA Galaxy and Chivas USA.  A listing of all the MLS rivalry Cups and Clasicos can be found here.

The Galaxy dominated and won 4-0 thanks to Landon Donovan's timely and accurate passes.

Donovan owned Sunday night's match (Beckham was absent from play).  Four assists in one game is about as rare as it gets.  It may be rarer than a guy netting four goals in a match.

After Goals scored, Assists is Soccer's most widely-known statistic, competing with Saves by the goalkeeper.  For American sports fans, stats are critical for hyping a sport.

The four assists by Donovan tied an MLS single game record.

In Soccer, assists are a measure of a player's skill level, ability, knowledge for the game and decision-making.  It's helping others to be at the right place on the field at the right moment in time.

Donovan is absolutely keeping his form at 30 years old.  And, he's smart enough to know four assists in one game is a darn good headline.  He's aging well and staying productive with a goal or assist in most matches.

Scoring goals is critical, but setting up other guys is just as important, especially if its done multiple times in one game.  Donovan is now the league leader in assists.

Playing with Beckham has helped Donovan to make assists more of a priority.  Both players are late in their careers and both are leading the league in assists (first and third).

They've always been great players and have always been there to make the extra pass.  Now, though, they have become more fierce field generals, seeing all of the field and projecting ahead to execute the play with even more precision.

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