Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Will Terrell Owens End Up in Dallas, Philly or San Fran?

T.O. is not really ever fondly recalled from a public relations standpoint.  But, unquestionably, he had seasons to remember with three legendary teams in the NFL, the Niners, Cowboys and Eagles.

His production with these three teams can not be doubted.  He will make the Hall Of Fame in Canton one day because he was solid, productive and a difference-maker with all of them.

When he first came into the League out of tiny Tenn-Chattanooga, he was playing alongside the one and only Jerry Rice and catching balls from Steve Young.  T.O. was not brash coming up in the Niners organization, but his personality developed when he discovered how good his talents were becoming.

He caught the most touchdowns in his career from Jeff Garcia during those years in San Fran.  There were a lot of really long pass catches when the ball was thrown down the field more than 40 yards.  They made the playoffs too.  Garcia was no slouch as an NFL Qb; he made Pro Bowls.

Owens didn't play long in Philadelphia, only two seasons, but this is where he made his only Super Bowl appearance.  The Eagles wouldn't have made it to the Super Bowl that year had T.O. not been with the team.  McNabb and T.O. had awesome chemistry together in the regular season that ended up 13-3.

In the tumultuous three years in Dallas, following Philly, T.O. was exhilarating in some games with Tony Romo at the helm.

Romo is the one Qb still left from the old days and Owens remembers them well.  Often, he was catching balls and running past the defense after the catch.  He had a lot of fans in Big D and he made the Cowboys matter more in the national consciousness of sports fans.

The years in Buffalo and Cincy were not glorious seasons by any stretch.  It was Philly, San Fran and Dallas where his craziness and talents were on full display.  He clashed and bashed with all of his Qb's and wore out his welcome, regardless of what he brought on the field.

So, why would he be welcomed back?

There will come a point this season when a Wide Receiver will be needed to mend a team's insufficient depth at the position.

As it stands now, the Cowboys look like the ones in most need of WR help.  There's not too much after Miles Austin and Dez Bryant and inevitably they will miss games to injury.

Also, it looks like another lost season in Big D.  The Boys don't look like they will win a lot of games, not because of Romo, but, because of what's around him.

T.O. may end up as part of a reunion of sorts in Dallas for publicity sakes.

San Fran has their WR position pretty sewed up with Manningham from the NY Giants, Randy Moss and Michael Crabtree.

With Randy Moss, though, one never knows.  There may end up being a trade out exchange of Moss for Owens.

Alex Smith is starting to grow his profile.  Passing to Owens successfully adds more luster to both of their careers.

The team who T.O. probably prefers the most of the three is Philadelphia.  T.O. would like the chance to play with Michael Vick because it is one more famous quarterback to catch passes from.  A Vick-T.O. combo would be dynamite for the NFL if they could ever be healthy and playing top-notch ball.

If he wants another chance, Owens must stay in shape and keep trying to prove he has something left to leave out on the field.

Is it too much sentimentality to see T.O. one more time in one of his old stomping grounds?  Can he even make a difference anymore?

Television ratings need him, whether the NFL wants to admit it or not.  Going back to one of his old teams would make for a helluva storyline in any of the three cities.

Originally published August, 2012

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