Saturday, September 29, 2012

Is Deion Sanders Planning a Comeback in Baseball?

He probably should of tried coming back to baseball a few years ago.

Deion Sanders looked phenomenal in warm-ups and batting practice with the Baltimore Orioles on Wednesday.  He got permission for the workout with the O's from his old manager from the minor leagues in Albany, Buck Showalter, who has led the O's to a fantastic 2012 campaign, competing seriously for the first time in many years.

MLB could use Deion.  It's crazy to say that, but baseball needs the publicity.  Deion sells seats and is one of sport's all-time greatest marketing machines.

Deion's baseball career is most notable for playing in a World Series with the Atlanta Braves and famously arguing with Carlton Fisk while in the batter's box.

It would be a tough thing to make it in the league at his age, Primetime's 45 years old now, but, it's not out of the realm of being possible.  Baseball and golf are two of the few sports athletes can play into their 40's.

Deion looks sculpted and takes conditioning seriously.  It would be a great sports story for 2013 if it ever happened.

The best video of Deion practicing in an Orioles uniform can be seen on

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  1. Players like him should definitely come back playing. They should have prepared baseball field maintenance for him too, to make him feel welcome again and for him to be encouraged to win home runs.