Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Photos: Is Pompis the Next Sensation in Sports-Themed Restaurants?

Pompis outside of Dallas in Mesquite, Texas wants their piece of the action among sports-themed restaurants.

The single-franchise restaurant has a spacious interior and exterior for dining, socializing and watching sports.  There are two dozen or so Tvs set up for patrons to view all sporting events, though Pompis specializes in Soccer.

Plenty of the marketing efforts are geared towards Latinos, beginning with the name, Pompis, which means buns in Spanish.  Not hot dog buns, human buns.

Female servers show off an appetizing Pompis look from head to toe, including sneakers and athletic socks.

Pompis looks like it has all the qualities for a sports restaurant that could catch on quickly and become popular with the general public.

Everyone is made to feel comfortable.  The food is good and the prices are convenient.
Brown and Yellow are the team colors.
The popular Margarita drink is called a 'Burro' at Pompis.
Already an assortment of Pompis T-shirts are available to purchase.

It has a niche in the sports restaurant industry; Pompis is known as a sports cantina.  
The Pompis gameplan includes beer towers and a burro (donkey) as the mascot. 
Customer service is their priority.
Pompis Pride is the daily mantra.  
This bartender asks, 'are you thirsty?'

Originally published April 2012.

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  1. Pompis certainly has a shot. Even better is its English translation.