Friday, October 5, 2012

Top 5 Most Striking Hairstyles of MLS

Hair can really mean something to fans.  When the look is good, the player raises his level of 'coolness' and becomes much more well-known.

In fact, hair is such a big deal, it can mean a big difference in sponsorship dollars for players and better overall business for MLS.  More cooler looks for players means more advertising dollars for the league.

Of course, if the player sucks, cool hair won't matter all that much.  But, if the player is solid and a producer, watch out, him and his hair may be ready to go bigtime.

Some guys have better luck with hair than others.  The bald look can be a winner if it suits the player's position and image.

For some players, they are willing to go the surgical route to maintain the look they want.  In England, Wayne Rooney of Manchester United thought it was important enough to get a hair transplant for his looks and his confidence.  His play got better after his new hairdo started to grow in thicker.

There are honorable mentions in the best hairstyle category:

Give credit to Kyle Beckerman of Real Salt Lake and Shalrie Joseph of Chivas USA for unforgettable looks.  Their hairstyles with reggae braids and maybe extensions for Joseph may not be the most appealing to many fans, but they stand out in the crowd of MLS players.  Their hair makes for more cushion for headers, but possibly holds them back as athletes because it looks like it weighs a ton.

Steven Lenhart of the San Jose Earthquakes is noticeable on the field with his blonde locks and natural curls.  It definitely allows him to be just a little more famous.

Brek Shea of FC Dallas and Robbie Keane of the LA Galaxy know a good look is important for a goal-scorer.  In the past, both have taken to the almost Mohawk style with a close cut to the sides.  Shea, who would have been best 2011 hairstyle of MLS, has been a letdown this season and knows it, so he might not be emphasizing a cool look now.  He probably wants to go under the radar.

Dwayne De Rosario of DC United has been able to match a really cool combo hairstyle and beard.  He has kept his look contemporary from season to season.  He stands out and deserves credit for playing at a high level and looking dapper.  Dwayne could have been number 5, but reports have him out for the season with a knee injury.

5) Freddy Montero of the Seattle Sounders has the classic forward look with his hair band to hold his locks back.  He makes it look cool, but may need a trim to get it just right.

4) Aurelien Collin, a French defenseman of Sporting KC, makes the bald look beautiful.  It fits him, his personality and his team's needs.

3) David Beckham of the Galaxy is the trendsetter of all trendsetters.  He knows his fashion.  He's good at fitting his hair for a different style each season.  He has the classic model's hair.

2) Kei Kamara of Sierra Leone and Sporting KC makes his look cool by spiking his hair with natural twist braids and giving it a fro-like look.  He has a big smile when he plays and he brings joy to the field with his style.

1) Graham Zusi of Sporting KC and the US Men's National Team has the very best Soccer hair in MLS right now.  He is matching his ability on the field with his hair.  He's a gamer and knows it.  He brings his hair back with a band in the forehead.  He looks cool when he sweats and his hair is the right length.

Who do you think has the best hair?  Vote in the poll to the right.

Originally published early September, 2012

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