Thursday, October 18, 2012

Top 5 Most Deserving Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Acts Better than Beyonce

Beyonce has won the this year's Super Bowl halftime privilege, but should she have?

The Super Bowl Halftime Show every year becomes more notable.  Fans wonder who will it be months in advance.

There have been exceptional performances in recent years from Madonna, The Who, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen and the Black Eyed Peas.

The one common thread all Super Bowl halftime acts seem to have is longevity in the business and plenty of hits.
It is not unusual that Super Bowl halftime acts tend to either already be members of the Rock and Roll Hall OFame or are headed that way.

The most deserving for the February 2013, 47th Super Bowl in New Orleans have plenty in common. They are promoting new albums or are in the Hall Of Fame or being considered for it.

Number 5:  Heart/Joan Jett-the only combination of artists on this list suggested to share the stage.  They were both recently nominated for this year's Hall vote.

Number 4:  Matchbox 20-they are led by one of America's best lead singers, Rob Thomas, a hitmaker on his own.  They have a new album out and are sounding great.  They have enough of a library of hits to choose from, including "3 AM", which is how it feels after the final whistle sounds on the Super Bowl.

Number 3:  Green Day-they have NFL experience when they combined with U2 on an awesome halftime show for the first home game of the New Orleans Saints after Hurricane Katrina.  Green Day is also promoting a new album.  They have been around long enough and appeal to a wide variety of music fans and football fans.

Number 2:  No Doubt-they participated once in a past Super Bowl and sang one song, "I'm Just a Girl."  But, they are deserving of their own headlining show.  Gwen Stefani is a major industry star.    Super Bowl shows are all about appealing to the masses.  No Doubt has crossed over many genres and pack a punch.  There are plenty of hits to select from, including a song from their new album, "Settle Down."

Number 1:  Red Hot Chili Peppers-the only current Hall Of Famer on this list, from last year's induction.  Absolutely, RHCP have enough harmonies to rock out the biggest audience of all time. Their best attribute is that they're still together, unlike other bands who have been around a long time and can't get along with each other.  The playlist would likely include "Higher Ground", "Give It Away" and "Can't Stop."

Article was originally published without Beyonce reference on October 8th, 2012 before Beyonce was announced.

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  1. Lame, lame lamer, lamer-er and Lamest. Just flat LAME. Rock-n-Roll is so played out. Let's get creative and make something NEW and FRESH and Un-LAME, couldn't we? We are still America, right?