Sunday, June 9, 2013

San Antonio Spurs Newest Commercial May Be Their Funniest; Top 6 Best Duncan, Parker Ginobili Tv Spots

Originally Posted December of 2012, but with appearance in NBA Finals, it seems appropriate to get another good chuckle.

Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili have done quite a few funny commercials together over the last couple of years.  Playing ten plus seasons together will get you comfortable with one another.

It used to be Brent Barry, Bruce Bowen and Manu doing the spots.  After a couple of years, Tim joined in to do some and then last year, the 'Big 3' settled into their acting roles together for a whole season.

This season started off pretty good with another new addition, Pop.  Coach Poppovich has joined the fun now for the supermarket chain HEB commercials to endorse their products.

One never knows which of the 'Big 3' gets to be in on the joke or be the brunt of it.  It seems to rotate among the players.

In this one, Timmy and Manu are the lame guys and Parker gets the best line..."Could it be under another name?"

A couple of spots from last season show the depth of their comedic skills.

The Spurs mascot, the Coyote, has also had his share of the time in the spotlight.

Here's a couple more for the road.  There probably should be a Top 5 list.

Originally posted November/2012

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  1. the best one is when Pop eats a carrot straight out of the garden,,, for some reason, it's not to be found anywhere.... a real coup for you if you could find it.