Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kamara, Sapong, Zusi of Sporting KC Star in Funny Ad for EA Sports

FIFA Soccer 13 gets more buzz with this funny spot.

Are MLS players more down to earth than other pro sports players from the U.S.?

These guys make fun of themselves pretty easily.  They probably got paid a pretty penny, but the spot shows pro Soccer players are still not completely full of themselves, yet.

It's known in the Kansas City area that some of the players will go for beers with the supporter clubs after a game.

That's Aurelien Collin, the French defenseman, as the Maitre d'.  Matt Besler, another defenseman, is the apparent substitute to save the day.

It feels like Kamara had the best lines.  23 cats and he knows all the names, yeah, right.

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