Monday, December 17, 2012

Americanize Soccer's 2012 Sportsman of the Year: Oscar Pistorius

South African sprinter amputee Oscar Pistorius may be an unconventional choice for athlete of the year, but, his accomplishments in sports this year, particularly at the Olympics, can not be ignored for its bravery and unparalleled achievement.

Pistorius made Olympic history with his entry into the 400 meters and 4 x 400 meter relay races.  It was not just Olympic history, though, it was world history.

Pistorius took all the odds against him and threw them away into oblivion, as he raced around the track like a futuristic and bionic marvel. The 'Blade Runner' nickname suits him perfectly.

Lebron James is the conventional choice for athlete of the year and there is nothing wrong with this choice.  Lebron not only won so many honors and championships, but he also turned the public's ire and scorn for him into respect and admiration.  He did this mostly through humility.  Lebron had to lose first with missteps along the way to finally figure out how to win big on the court and in the eye of the public.

For Pistorius, his personality is a big part of why he is considered athlete of the year.  His will and desire to overcome being without two legs and then to have the work ethic to become a world-class athlete is remarkable.  He gives hope not to only those without limbs, he gives hope to all able-bodied people in the universe.  His message is to dream the impossible because it might one day be possible.

The journey for Pistorius, the world class athlete, climaxed during the 2012 Olympics.  Pistorius didn't qualify for the 2008 Olympics, missing by just the closest of margins.  He didn't give up, but gave more and finally made his colossal appearance at London's Wembley Stadium.

Later in the year, he competed at the Parlympics, bringing much more attention to the events and all the athletes competing.

Pistorius was a game changer.  He did things people never imagined would occur in sports.  He has opened up doors in the sports world forever.  He earned Sportsman of the Year and deserves it.

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