Thursday, January 3, 2013

San Antonio Spurs end 2012 with 82-37 Record

An 82 wins and 37 losses record is not bad for some old guys.  But, there's no championship or NBA Finals appearance to show for it, so far.

The strike shortened season of 2011-12 created an unusual schedule with games bundled more closely on the sports calendar. The Spurs were 47-15 in the regular season (50-16 overall) and 10-4 in the playoffs.

For the beginning of the 2012-13 season, they went 25-8 through December.

All together, the winning percentage for 2012 was 69%.  This is pretty good for a long stretch (119 total games).

In a full baseball season of 162 games, 69% would equal 112 wins.

The Spurs made some noise Wednesday with the possible signing of former Washington State standout, Aron Baynes, from Australia.  He's a seven footer.  This may be the missing piece the Spurs were looking for as they pursue a fifth championship in the Duncan era.  (Note to Readers: Deal for Baynes is still not signed, sealed and delivered.  FIBA may be delaying the processing of Baynes' arrival to the team.  The signing was reported as a done deal by here and other news outlets.)

Baynes is having a steady year in the Euroleague for a Slovenian club (14 ppg, 10 rebounds).

A lack of size in the frontcourt seems to be where the Spurs are lacking.  With Baynes, there would be more depth.  Rebounding and blocking shots stats will more than likely improve.

The Spurs have surrounded 30-something veterans, Ginobili, Parker and Duncan, with a slick combination of youth, experience and desire on the rest of their roster.  Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard and Tiago Splitter have all found and accepted their roles.  Gary Neal and Boris Diaw are fitting in with meaningful minutes off the bench.

The one thing all sports fans hope for to have success is health.  The Spurs can't afford injury to any of their 'big 3' or even one of the other guys.

They are already a top five NBA team.  Is a Finals appearance in the mix for the Spurs in 2013?

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