Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Will Hooters Soon Be Promoting Sexy Male Servers?

It used to be waiters and waitresses, stewards and stewardesses.  Political Correctness came about and renamed the positions, servers and flight attendants.  The U.S. is becoming more and more gender-neutral every day. Society keeps evolving.

Women are now officially able to serve in the infantry.  Women have been serving the U.S. Armed Forces for generations at home and abroad, but there had never been direct access for them to the front lines of war.  The decision to change the mandate was made by U.S. Generals and the Secretary of Defense with the blessing of the President.

The laws and societal norms dictate that women should be held accountable for crimes equal to men. Women teachers having sex with their male minor students are being charged with sexual assault and receiving prison terms for their convictions.  The boys having sex with the teachers aren't looked at as macho anymore.  Now, they are judged to be victims.

How soon before Vanna White is replaced by a male version letter turner?  The Price Is Right set the standard by hiring a male model to help exhibit all the merchandise on display for contestants to win.  So far, so good.  Nobody seems to be complaining.  He doesn't have a difficult job, but it's not always easy to be the first in anything.

In business, discovering new demographics or entering new markets to sell to can be the difference between growing revenues or remaining stagnant.  For Hooters, having male-like models as food and beverage servers may create new business and more business for the restaurant chain.

Possibly, all the Breastaurant chains would follow the Hooters lead and suit up charming men (with a Chippendale type of look) to provide customer service.

If there are 15 servers on the floor, would it be that bad for 5 of them to be men?  If these breastaurants really have become family diners, shouldn't men be able to serve too?

Women would be pleased to see nice looking guys serving them and if the breastaurant spreads out the servers well on the dining floor, guys will still have their eye-candy to look at dressed up around them.

Originally written/published January 2013

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