Thursday, February 14, 2013

Does Wrestling Find Its World Cup Now?

The news from the Olympics to leave wrestling out of its events list is ridiculous and not likely to last long.

Wrestling has been a signature event in Olympics history.  It may have lost some of its luster in some of the more recent Games, but it doesn't deserve to be shelved.

Without wrestling, Iran versus the U.S. in sports practically never happens.

In fact, many intriguing international matchups take place in the sport.  The different weights to make for the mats have had a fair share of interesting characters and countries involved over the years.

Wrestling is not a sport to make household names, but personalities do make their mark, including good, bad and ugly ones.

The sport can be very entertaining to watch as a spectator sport.  Its mano a mano with skill, quickness, strategy and lots of sweating out the details for a win, loss or draw.

Without the Olympic Games, maybe wrestling can pick up a more dynamic marketing idea to brand the sport better.  It could be an event to award individual and team performances.

How about a World Cup of Wrestling every four years?  Why not?  Cricket, Rugby, Soccer and Baseball all have theirs.

If the Olympics can't show respect, take the medals elsewhere.  A Wrestling World Cup could be rotated among continents, like the Olympics does.  With some decent branding and a television partnership, a host country could turn a serious profit.

Louden Swain would agree.  Vision Quest, the awesome 80's high-school wrestling movie, is a reminder of how Wrestling can steal the hearts and minds of sports fans.

This scene is the climactic end of the movie when Louden's season is on the line in a meet versus his biggest rival, Brian Shute.

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