Friday, February 22, 2013

San Antonio Spurs Stand Pat, Clobber Clippers

Sometimes, the best move is no move.

The trade deadline came and went Thursday.  There were rumors of Al Jefferson, Josh Smith and J.J. Redick on their way to the Spurs.  But, none of it came to fruition.  More than likely, the rumors were just that, rumors.

It looks like Spurs management is pretty satisfied with the roster.

Interestingly, the whole roster (with the exception of super sophomore-Kawhi Leonard out with soreness in knee) played and scored on the TNT's second-bill Thursday night.

Thursday's NBA action produced two blowouts.  Ironically, both were entertaining in their own ways.

First, the Heat laid it on the Bulls in Chicago.  Then, the other visitor to play, the Spurs, gave it to the Clips.

These two teams, the Heat and Spurs, look like the cream of the crop of the NBA.  They could be on a crash course for each other, but the playoffs are a whole other world.

Did the Clippers mojo get stalled by two former all-stars?

Former multiple all-star Grant Hill and former all-star and Finals MVP Chauncey Billups are both trying to find their roles on a Clippers team loaded with talent, but maybe burdened with not enough minutes for all the players to find rhythm and harmony on the court.

Possibly, this slashing by the Spurs was the best thing that could have happened for the Clippers. Sometimes, a loss like this one will help a team to readjust and be more motivated.  This one was a bigtime growing pain for little LA brother 

The Spurs keep giving lessons to NBA teams and fans on how to play basketball like a team.  They are undeniably exciting to watch.  They are surprising with their crisp, fun passing and strong shooting from the outside.  Tony Parker can still light it up and Manu Ginobili can still get to the rim.

The challenge now for the Spurs is to rebound from one nationally televised game and get ready for another.  The Bay Area Golden State Warrior crowd will be pumped for Friday's ESPN late game versus the Spurs.

It's hard to imagine the Spurs winning another one on the road against a top 10 opponent by 26 points, like they finished the Clips on Thursday, 116-90.

Already 6-1 on their current road trip, making it to 7-1 will be difficult.  A letdown may take place.  The Spurs will take the win any way they can.

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