Friday, March 15, 2013

Will Texas Have Any Teams Make the 2013 NCAA Tournament?

The year of parity in college basketball seems to have skipped over the state of Texas.  The schools in Texas are below the average of the average.

It doesn't appear any Texas major school will make it in.  Baylor, Texas, A&M, Tech are all having down seasons.

Could it be the powerhouse state will be without any entries in this year's Big Dance?

Just when the possibility appears to have arrived, two schools only 45 minutes from one another, playing in a little-known conference have given the Lone Star State the smallest of breaths.

Believe it or not, it looks like Texas college hoops hopes rest in teams with 21 Losses each.

Texas State University in San Marcos and the University of Texas San Antonio with 21 losses each have advanced to the semifinals of the WAC tourney.  They won't play each other in the semis, but Friday in Las Vegas will see them both in action fighting for a WAC Finals appearance.

So far, UTSA beat top seed La Tech, while Texas State toppled the second seed U. of Denver.

The semis feature UTSA versus one other Texas hope, UT-Arlington.  Texas State takes on New Mexico State.   Arlington has a ho-hum record of 17-12 and wouldn't be as maddening to see going to the ball as one of these other Texas schools with more than 40 losses combined.

If one of these low winning percentage teams were to advance to the NCAA tourney, it would be an incredible upset.  And, it would punch a ticket for Texas bball.

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