Saturday, April 27, 2013

Can the Miami Heat Go Undefeated in the Playoffs?

Dwayne Wade is day to day with his knee, but it shouldn't matter too much versus the Milwaukee Bucks.  The Heat are expected to dispatch the Bucks in game 4 and await the Brooklyn Nets/Chicago Bulls winner.

The Nets/Bulls series could go the distance of seven games as many 4 versus 5 seeds playoff series do.  The Heat will take the rest either way and plan ahead.

It seems in many eyes of the NBA experts, that the Heat are a foregone conclusion for this year's title.

In many ways, they have had one of the most incredible seasons of all time.  Their 28 game winning streak and their dominant play, led by Lebron James, has put the sporting world on notice.

They seem to have all the intangibles.  Every player knows his role and fits perfectly into the scheme they have for pushing the basketball and finding the winning play on offense or defense.

They may be prepping to break the Jordan, Pippen, Rodman Bulls team record of 72-10 for next season.

The Heat is a team who wants to have championships and records.  They don't want to lose any games in the playoffs and it might happen this way.

Of course, there are threats along the way for teams to steal a game against the Heat.

The Bulls were the team to break the winning streak and both the Indianapolis Pacers and New York Knicks played the Heat strong during the regular season.

In the West, the L.A. Clippers could be a foe to be reckoned with, but the San Antonio Spurs and OKC Thunder have injuries now and did not match up well with the Heat in the regular season.

As Wade heals and the Heat add up their wins, the banter for an undefeated playoffs will grow and the pressure will, as well.

The Heat are not likely to lose a game at home, so each round will likely start off 2-0.

To beat the Heat, teams will have to play an almost perfect game.  To win a series versus the Heat, good luck because it ain't happening unless injuries are factored in.  The Heat are way too good to be beat four times out of seven by any team.

The drama of this year's NBA playoffs is lessened somewhat by having an odds-on favorite unless the Heat push the drama to the hilt and try for no playoff losses at all.

With an undefeated playoffs, the Heat would get some of the recognition they want as possibly the greatest team of all time and the public can follow each of the games with something very historic riding on them.

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