Monday, April 29, 2013

Finally... A Customer Service Manual for Working with At-Risk Youth

Customer service is the fabric of society.

The fundamentals for customer service have been firmly established in the United States for the retail, restaurant and hotel environments.  People have a good idea for what is pretty good customer service and the not so good customer service.

The Youth Whisperer Handbook-18 Applications to Improve Behaviors in Young People has been published and is available for purchase.

This handbook is the 'Customer Service Standards of Excellence' for professionals working with delinquent and at-risk youth.

Most people wouldn't think of the words 'customer service' and connecting them to at-risk youth, but this term is exactly the reality of expectations for those who have chosen the field.

The clients, the at-risk youth, should be serviced to the best of possibilities, just as people would expect from Burger King to Macy's, and everything above, below and in-between.

Each Application of Youth Whispering gets right to the point and breaks down the challenges faced in working with at-risk youth.

Youth Whispering, as the methodology used, is described in detail throughout the book with vivid examples in theory and application.  Four youth stories are interspersed among the chapters and there is a glossary of terms for further explanations.

The approach is consistently optimistic and strives to teach common-sense and fundamentals to others who want to make a difference with at-risk youth.

'Chapter Titles and Quotes' can be previewed and the book may be purchased by going to the non-profit website, or by clicking here.

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