Friday, April 5, 2013

Is/Was Magic Johnson Gay and Why Does It Matter?

There is a lot of research suggesting being gay is hereditary.  Interestingly, much of the research has been conducted on subjects assuming their parents as heterosexuals (see Epigenetics Underlies Homosexuality).

The results have indicated strong gene links from parents will cause a son or daughter's sexual orientation and tendencies (see Chromosone Linkage Studies on this page).

It is highly coincidental that Magic Johnson's son, Earvin Johnson III, aka 'EJ', is openly gay.  When Magic contracted the HIV virus in the early '90's, he denied being gay or bisexual even though only a very small percentage of men have been documented in getting the virus through heterosexual sex.

Was Magic hiding his sexual promiscuity with men in order to protect his reputation?

If this was true, it would make sense for Magic to try and cover it up and protect his reputation.  It could have been the difference in hefty financial endorsements and his future career in the limelight.

Plus, maybe his family, friends and teammates weren't ready to be objective about it.  Possibly, he didn't want to deal with the judgment and pariah status that would have labeled him.

Twenty years back in time, it was a much bigger deal for a public figure to announce being gay.  Rock Hudson, a movie star known for his looks and masculinity, died of AIDS protecting his secret of being gay.

It could be that Magic has homosexual tendencies, but in realizing this and in realizing what he wants from life, he chooses to love a woman for his wife and to have a biologically-gifted family.  And, it could be that Magic prefers to push back against any homosexual tendencies, not admit to them and not act on any impulsive or future sexual gay acts with men because he flat out does not want to deal with the media and his legacy regarding any of it.

Magic already is one of the biggest known, if not, the biggest known sports celebrity to embrace gay rights and gay lifestyles.  This in itself is a hugely important progression for sports and culture.

Magic's support of his son, EJ, has been awesome this past week and he has extended his support of gays to include a welcome support to any baseball players who are gay that end up playing for the LA Dodgers, as Magic is a notable investor with the Dodgers.

Other gay athletes have conquered individual sports, Billy Jean King (tennis) and Greg Louganis (diving), but no male gay athletes have dominated a team sport.  Here is list of gay athletes (Carl Lewis is private about the matter).

There are many openly gay women in the WNBA and there don't seem to be any major problems with female athletes getting along or overcoming any biases.

It is coming soon.  Gay male athletes will be more prevalent in team sports in the future and there will be a gay President of the United States someday, too.

Gays are now able to be themselves in the military.  Just as in war, it comes down to performance.  On the battlefield, a gay will defend with honor and save lives.

Playing with a male gay teammate should not be a difficult dilemma.  (The newer generations of Americans don't seem to care either way.)  Athletics is about competition and the drive to be the best.  Sexual orientation shouldn't determine how an athlete is perceived.

If Magic is or was gay, shouldn't he speak out in order to help more quickly to break down barriers and bias towards gays in society?

It matters that Magic Johnson be honest because it doesn't matter.  It really doesn't matter in men's sports what a person's sexual orientation is.  What matters is the performance.

Magic can set the record straight and be done with it and help a lot of people to get over determining whether a gay male athlete can do well in a team sport.  His five NBA championships and multiple MVP's would be proof enough.

For Magic to admit he did participate in homosexual activity would be big news, but it does seem perfectly alright for the public not to know the details.  He has accomplished quite a bit for gay rights already and to remain with the status quo till his death is his right.

Is it fair to ask that he be more candid if there is more to tell?  Maybe so or maybe not.

What are the possibilities that everything has happened exactly as reported with Magic always having been a heterosexual?

The speculation will always be there at many levels.

Whether there is a lack of courage or the truth was always straight forward, Magic's contributions to American culture will still be appreciated.

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  1. That picture, didn't even know he had a comeback season in '95-'96, that picture threw me completely off because the Bucks didn't have that logo until then...