Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Should NBA Adopt NFL Playoffs Format?

As it stands now, each NBA playoff team has an idea of who they play in the next round.

Some teams are still battling in the first round, but the second round matchups are set up in a firm tournament format. The one seed plays the winner of the 4-5 seed matchup, while the two seed plays the winner of the 3-6 winner.

The NFL makes it so the Wildcard round winners determine who plays who in the next round.  The lower seed always plays the highest seed.  

If the six seed upsets the three seed, then it is automatic that they play the one seed.  But, what happens often in the NFL playoffs, is that the Divisional round (second round) does not always pan out according to seeds.  

Upsets happen and the matchups are not always determined right away.  Sometimes, the last game of the weekend will provide suspense for all the teams on who and where they will play the next round.  
Would the NBA be better off with this copy of the NFL format, in which the lower seed always plays the higher seed in the next round?

Under this format for this season, the Miami Heat could play the Atlanta Hawks instead of the Chicago Bulls/Brooklyn Nets winner. And, the OKC Thunder would maybe play the Golden St. Warriors.  Of course, the Hawks, Thunder and Warriors all need to finish off their respective series for it to be a possibility.  

The suspense element is the key, but there's also the momentum element.  If the Hawks are to beat  the Indiana Pacers, then it would be interesting to see the Heat playing a team on a roll, a team not supposed to be still playing in the second round.  

Overall, there is not much difficulty in putting this format into action for the NBA playoffs.  Teams already are waiting around plenty of time in between series.  

It would be a nice effect for future NBA playoffs. 

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