Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Aaron Hernandez's Best Defense: Concussion Syndrome

Originally published June 2013

At this point, Aaron Hernandez looks like he is cooked.  Even if he didn't pull the trigger, it is obvious he set up the murder of Olin Lloyd.  Regardless of who pulled the trigger, just for setting it all up, Hernandez will go away for life for sure.

There is talk that the motive was that Lloyd was going to turn on Hernandez on a separate drive-by shooting from the past in which two men were murdered.  Lloyd had no part in this incident, but may have known of it.

If this is part of the motive for Hernandez, he is sicker than first thought.  He is a serial killer to some degree.

The killings may be gang-related, but as a person who has a career in the NFL making multi-millions, any reasoning to justify gang-type killings can only mean Herandez's ego was running wild beyond the scope of the law.

The crime to take Lloyd's life is so reprehensible, so pointless and so stupid that any defense of it is hard to rationalize at all.

There is the temporary insanity plea, but that doesn't seem to fit because most of this crime was pre-meditated.  There's the Twinkie Defense, which worked once in a 1979 trial in San Francisco, but has become a laughable legal term ever since.  Maybe Hernandez could try the 'Bubblelicious Made Me Do It' Defense, seeing as this was the last thing to go in his mouth before doing the egregious deed against Lloyd.

The one defense left may end up being 'Concussion Syndrome.'  For this defense, attorneys for Hernandez will have to put the entire sport of football on trial.  They will have to set out to try and prove with expert medical witnesses and more that Hernandez has taken so many hits to the brain over the many years of Pee-Wee, middle-school, high-school, college and the pros, that he lost his ability to discern reality from The Sopranos.

It's been a tough few months for Boston.  First the Marathon, then this horrific case, plus the Bruins lost in the NHL Finals and now the exit of Paul Pierce and the break-up of the Celtics.  It seems like it's only a matter of time before the Red Sox begin their descent from first place.  Until now, the Sox are overachieving on expectations.

Boston sports fans will rebound as they always do.  And, with the help of Tim Tebow, Tom Brady will continue to do what he does and turn the page on this disastrous period in Boston sports history.

Hernandez's jersey will become a Halloween item, like Rae Carruth's or O.J. Simpson, reserved for those who want to act ghoulish, imbecilic and with no concern for the loss of a human life.

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