Friday, November 29, 2013

8 Awesome Spanish Bands from Latino America

Sometimes, the music in English isn't enough.  World Music is wonderful.  In all parts of the world, there is music that is fun to listen to.

Music in Spanish can bring more interesting beats and instruments.  These bands have been around a long time and each of them have many hits.  They come from Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

Take a listen and maybe you will agree that if they played in English, they would be super popular.

Let's get it started with a band from Argentina formed in the late 80's, early 90's.  Originally, they were called Vilma Palma y Los Vampiros.  Now, they go by Vilma Palma.

Los Enanitos Verdes-also from Argentina, with plenty of energy.  Their focus is more guitar-driven.  The crowds love them, too.

Then, there's Moenia.  A band who plays electronic music.  They've had their own special on HBO.  From Mexico, they are often touring the United States to sold out crowds.  Great vocals and lyrics, but, if you don't speak Spanish, you'll have to translate them.

Belanova is led by a female voice.  They are dominated by electronic, too.  It is a three-piece band from Mexico that puts on a great live show.  They are pop and proud of it!

Reik is from the younger generation of Mexico.  They are a blend of what's current and an agreeable sound. They are more relaxed with typical choruses.

From Chile, La Ley is broken up, but they did very well before the lead singer saw broader horizons in a solo career. They took risks with bold rhythyms and a loud mix of music.

Los Angeles Azules may seem like traditional Mexican music, but they distinguish themselves as a band that captures a mood.  They have their own sound and go from slow to fast and back with plenty of instruments and rhythym.

Soda Stereo, from Argentina, no longer play with the original members.  Formed in the early 80's, they were transcendent in their time, bringing sounds of The Cure and Depeche Mode to all of the Latino world.  On their own, they were incredible, with original chords to dance to.

Originally published August/2012

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