Tuesday, March 18, 2014

10 Action-Packed, Fun, Vintage Heavyweight Fights on Youtube

Thank you YouTube.  Since there are no great heavyweight boxing matches anymore, it is a real treat to go back and look at some which provide awesome drama.  They tend to get forgotten and deserve a second look.  The video quality is quite good for each of them.

Ali vs. Spinks I, 1978.  Spinks had only six fights under his belt.  Ali owned the belts. Great action throughout climaxing with an unbelievable 15th round.

Vitali Klitschko vs. Lennox Lewis, 2003.  Interesting that one of the best fights ever would last six rounds. During his call of the fight, Larry Merchant said these were the two most talented, biggest fighters to ever meet in the heavyweight division.

Lennox Lewis vs. Shannon Briggs, 1998.  Journeyman Briggs put on his best show.  Briggs vs. Foreman was also a decent show.

Evander Holyfield vs. Riddick Bowe I, 1992.  The first of an epic trilogy.  Round 10 may be the most notable in this one, but there is consistent action throughout.

Evander Holyfield vs. George Foreman, 1991.  Two champions of different generations square off for an entertaining fight.  Seventh round is an excellent one.

George Foreman vs. Ron Lyle, 1976.  Fight is full of knock-downs on both sides.  Truly great piece of art.

Ken Norton vs. Larry Holmes, 1978.  It was judged 7 rounds to 7 rounds going into the 15th.

Hasim Rahman vs. Evander Holyfield, 2002.  Just can't get enough of the ultimate warrior as he takes down former champ Rahman.

Ruddock vs. Tyson II, 1991.  The rematch of a controversial first fight met all expectations.  Possibly, Tyson's gutsiest fight ever.  Good quality video.

Golota vs. Bowe I, 1996.  Champion Bowe faces off in first fight after rubber match with Holyfield.  Beware for melee at the end of this first fight.  It led to rematch with a similar result.  Both fights were great action.

Originally published August 2013

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