Sunday, July 28, 2013

Which Is the Best Goal of the Gold Cup?

The U.S. has reached the Gold Cup final on Sunday versus Panama.  But, Mexico may have the prize for the 'finest' goal.

It's nice to see L.D. back in great form, and no, Curb Your Enthusiasm has not renewed yet for another season. Larry David may be another famous LD, but Landon Donovan is considered by many to be the best to ever wear shinguards and lace up from the United States of America.

Donovan is leading the U.S.'s 'B' squad to solid victories one after another.  The U.S. team is scoring early, middle and late goals.  Eddy Johnson and Chris Wondolowski are proving why MLS is not just another league.

Johnson, especially, has been dynamic with the headers and they are golden headers.  He has decorated his hair with gold and lightning flashes.  Players understand what one good haircut can lead to at the right time. Great hair can mean more endorsements.  See Best 5 MLS Hairstyles.

Panama will pose a challenge for the U.S., but look for the team led by L.D. to score another solid victory and lift the trophy.  This is excellent momentum to carry through to the next qualifiers for World Cup and on to the World Cup, itself.

Here's the Mexico Goal, an EJ, a Wondo and LD goals.  Which one is best?

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