Saturday, August 17, 2013

How Would 'Immigration Reform' Impact MLS?

First of all, it has to get passed.  The United States Senate has agreed on reforms, but the House still has to decide on whether they'll agree to the changes before the President would sign it into law.

If it does get done, 'Immigration Reform' will surely impact soccer in America.  And, that's all the Americas.

If people feel like they can call a place their home, they are more likely to root for their homeland to win soccer tournaments.  It could take a while, but many immigrants to the United States will eventually come around to rooting on the 'Stars and Stripes' versus all others, including countries of origin.

That's right.  If Latinos and others already here in the U.S. can feel a bigger sense of patriotism due to any immigration reforms, than they just might make their country of origin their second favorite to root for.

How many more fans would this mean for MLS?  Well, if this is home, then, maybe they will take their home club League more seriously, too.

If the U.S. Men's National Team keeps on winning, as it has done now, over its more than 10 match record of consecutive wins streak, in World Cup qualifying, Gold Cup competition and Friendlies, it becomes that much easier for immigrants to root for the home team.  Winning is contagious.

El Salvadoran and Honduran fans from the U.S. felt like crap when the U.S. beat them bad in the Gold Cup quarters and semifinals.  The matches were played in Baltimore and Cowboys stadium in front of thousands of immigrant fans.

Interestingly, many FIFA regulated tournaments and Friendlies are scheduled for the U.S. because it is known that the U.S. is a melting pot and people will turn out to cheer for their countries of origin.  With immigration reform, it might end up, that less people take an interest in all the other countries and it is harder to sell tickets.

If immigrants become too happy and are dedicated to all things Los Estados Unidos, U.S. Soccer could lose some scheduled monies.  Dips in attendance for scheduled FIFA tournaments and Friendlies would mean fewer of those kinds of events being marketed in the future.  The good news is, U.S. Soccer will make up a lot of the money in more uniform sales.

If immigrants become devoted to MLS and the U.S. Men's and Women's National teams, it can only mean that they are happier with their daily living arrangements and willing to spend more dollars on their passion for soccer.

Immigration reform brings more potential MLS fans.  MLS benefits all the way as more of an audience is tuned in and proud to be watching their new home club teams.

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