Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dallas Cowboys On Target for Third Straight .500 Record

Two weeks into the regular season and the Dallas Cowboys sit as they have going all the way back to six games remaining in the 2010 season.  That's right, they ended that season exactly 3-3, which makes a total of 2 and 1/2 seasons at exactly .500 ball, 20-20.

Coincidentally, or not, Jason Garrett was hired 42 games ago, two games prior to this .500 stretch.  Under his game management, the Cowboys are 22-20.

One thing's for sure under Garrett, the Cowboys are consistent,... consistently mediocre.

Tony Romo's record as a starter in the regular season since he was installed as the starter in 2006 by legendary Bill Parcells, just in case you were wondering, is 56-39.

The good news for the Cowboys is that .500 may be enough to win the NFC East.  And, winning their division makes them a host for the first round of the playoffs.

The possibility exists the Cowboys could get on a roll in the playoffs and make a run to the Super Bowl. What is more likely to happen is for the Cowboys to win one game and lose one game in the playoffs.  It's a more likely scenario because that's the way they have played in the Garrett era.

A quick look at the Cowboys schedule to figure out how they will go 7-7 from here could be figured this way:
Sept. 22nd vs. St. Louis                 Loss    
Sept. 29th at San Diego                 Win
Oct. 6th vs. Denver                        Loss
Oct. 13th vs. Washington               Win
Oct. 20th at Philadelphia                 Loss
Oct. 27th at Detroit                        Loss
Nov. 3 vs. Minnesota                    Win
Nov. 10 at New Orleans                Loss
Nov. 24 at New York Giants         Win
Nov. 28 vs. Oakland                     Win (Romo's record on Thanksgiving is 5-1)
Dec. 9 at Chicago                          Loss
Dec. 15 Green Bay                        Loss
Dec. 22 at Washington                   Win
Dec. 29 vs. Philly                           Win
(I can't make up my mind if they lose to St. Louis or Minnesota at home.  It's the Cowboys M.O. during this .500 stretch to lose at home in games they're supposed to win.)

Prediction:  Cowboys play Philly at home with division at stake.  Philly comes in at 8-7, Cowboys come in at 7-8. Cowboys have better division record and with a win they take the division title.  And, they salvage their season.

RGIII and his teammates don't seem to be completely on the same page and it will probably cost them from ever getting it together in time.  Philly and Michael Vick with all their weapons have a porous defense and this may bring them down in crunchtime.  The Giants and the way their season has started look unfocused, unsettled and not able to put consecutive good halves together.

The door is open for Garrett to potentially keep his job for another season.  It will take a playoff win to do it. It may happen for him because .500 may be good enough this season.

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