Friday, September 13, 2013

Texas vs. Texas A&M: The Battle for Alamo City

San Antonio has always been seen as a UT (University of Texas) supported town.  Austin is down the road 45-50 minutes and UT has traditionally had the stronger football program over Texas A&M.  But, it looks like the support is changing.

A&M is being proactive in getting their message out there.  They have paid for at least two outdoor billboards along major highways around town with head coach, Kevin Sumlin, leading the charge of his players onto the field with A&M logos and the inscription, 'This is SEC Country.'

Johnny Manziel is not seen on them probably for more than a few reasons, but primarily because they are new billboards and his status was in doubt for a while.

Alamo City (San Antonio) is the seventh largest city in the country and for the longest time didn't have a Division I program in town to support.  With no pro team and being a town saturated with enthusiastic football fans, naturally, UT filled the gap nicely.

But, UT's program is on the downslide and A&M is considered one of the top flight football programs in the country right now.

It really was a matter of impeccable timing.  A&M's move to the SEC went incredibly well for its first season last year, exceeding expectations and became the darling and talk of college football.  Manziel's Heismann and the team's great regular season record along with a big win over Alabama all came together to push UT off the top of the San Antonio college football foodchain.

The message is clear.  Why not take advantage and advertise?  More fans, more support, more students, more publicity can only mean a better future for the University.  So what if San Antonio is a 3 and a half hour drive away from College Station and UT has been the juggernaut in them parts of the state.

There are other factors to consider, as well.

UTSA now has its own top level NCAA football team headed by Larry Coker, former U. of Miami head coach and national champion winner.  UTSA is gaining support from San Antonio fans as it is the largest university in the city and plays its home games in the Alamodome (beer is sold there during games).  But, it is not a team to be taken seriously versus any top level talent BCS type of teams.

In the last few years, Texas A&M opened up a satellite campus in San Antonio.  Obviously, it is A&M on a much smaller scale and not all degree options are available.  But, they do have a physical presence in San Anton.

Then there's the Dat Nguyen part of the phenomena, one of the most famous alums and one of the most notable football players in A&M's history.  He has his own daily sports talk show in San Antonio from 4-6pm, on 1250am, ESPNSA radio.  He's in the community and as a former NFL All-Pro and asst. coach with the Dallas Cowboys and Lombardi award winner while at A&M, he carries clout and his opinions are respected.

Dat has been on the air for one year. Again, it's the timing.

And, it all seems to be hitting the apex this week.  Tickets are at obscene prices and the game is hyped like few regular season games before it and definitely the biggest one in the history of A&M football.

Texas A&M is on a roll as it prepares for the ultimate big game tomorrow against another team on a roll and owner of the 'roll' nickname, Alabama, seeking its third straight national championship.  Bear Bryant would be proud.  His name is coming up frequently this week as his 100th birthday is being celebrated by two of the schools he coached.

Expect the Tv ratings to be through the roof on this one and in San Antonio, it might even set some records.

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