Thursday, September 26, 2013

5 Candidates To Replace Bud Selig-MLB Commissioner

Bud Selig has announced his resignation is official after the 2014 season.  He'll be 80 years old when he steps down.

He's getting a lot of complimentary reaction from the baseball world for his 20+ years at the helm, but I think he is being overrated by that crowd.

I say good riddance, Bud.  You were adequate, but you mostly kept the game as status quo.  And, you were too old to still be there.  Ask Penn State how it is to have eighty year-old men running programs.

My belief is that baseball is still way behind the times and is being held back from reaching its full potential as a spectator sport.  I want more playoff games and I want a regular season that matters more.

I want baseball to get more control of how trades happen, player transactions are completed and how player contracts are honored.  I want to see baseball bring about more player loyalty to the game.

Selig tried hard when it came to steroids and I give him credit for always staying true to trying to keep the game clean.

Overall, though, the sport is ready for a regime change.  It is time for a youthful spark of business savvy.

5) Former President of the United States, George W. Bush.  He owned the Texas Rangers for a while and still attends a few games each season.  This would be a new type of challenge for him, but I doubt he'd ever take the job because he's got too much going on with his presidential library and writing memoirs, which leads us to the next candidate.

4) Former Republican Nominee for President of the United States, Mitt Romney.  Isn't he the business guru?  Baseball needs a better business model.  He ran the Winter Olympics, too.  Don't forget.  And, it's not like he's got a lot going on right now.

3) Legendary broadcaster, Bob Costas.  He's been around the game his whole life and he's aware of baseball's strengths and weaknesses.  He could infuse some life into the game or he could be too philosophical and end up going too traditional.  For sure, he knows how all the other sports build momentum.

2) Hall Of Famer, former MVP and World Series winner, Cal Ripken.  He has done it all in baseball, including leading by example for the good of the game by creating more opportunities for youth with camps, leagues, clinics and tournaments.  He's done well for himself in the business world, too.  He's been a big success in life and holds more respect from all involved in baseball than probably anyone else (with the exception of maybe Hank Aaron).

1) Businessman, Tv star and sports owner champion, Mark Cuban.  Sure, why not?  People are afraid of him sometimes, but, he typically chooses well in marketing and handling the finances.  He will come with new ideas and he will put MLB on a path to reestablishing itself as the national pasttime.  He was extremely close twice to owning an MLB team.  His bids for the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers did not make it, but, obviously his heart is in the right spot for baseball.  He loves the sport.

There's tongue in cheek in places on this article, but, ultimately, I do believe a style change is necessary and youthful-savvy-business would be the preference, whoever it ends up being.

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