Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When a One-Hitter Gets Lost in the Sports Shuffle

Maybe you didn't hear about Gio Gonzalez's one-hitter on Monday night.  Wouldn't blame you if you hadn't.

A pinch-hitter in the seventh inning killed Gio's bid for a no-hitter with a bloop single that picked up chalk on the first base line going out to the outfield and the Washington Nationals walloped the New York Mets, 9-1. It was an obvious must win for the Nationals who hold out little hope of making the playoffs (currently they sit roughly seven games out of the last Wildcard entry).  For most intents and purposes, this game meant very little because both teams have no hopes for any championship run this year.

It used to be one-hitters and no-hitters were the talk of the sports world and maybe on some nights they still are.  But, this one had no chance.

I don't know which story was more wild and crazy or more historical from Sunday bleeding into Monday.

There was Dennis Rodman coming back from North Korea proclaiming 'basketball diplomacy' will now become a full-time job for him.  He plans on coaching the North Korean National team and will bring former NBA all-stars back with him to play exhibitions.

Wow, this was a lot to handle.

I was still trying to recover from the first big Sunday of the NFL season.  It was a lot to wrap my mind around.  No AFC North teams won a game and Reggie Bush is reminding us of Barry Sanders.

I applaud Dennis Rodman for seeing an opening to really accomplish something in his life beyond basketball and for making a mark in trying to build up relations with an old national enemy.  Maybe 'The Worm' is exactly what the doctor ordered to cure North Korea's young dictator, Kim Jong-Un, of his illness towards free will and justice for all.

Then, there was the Arena Football League L.A. KISS story of Tim Tebow being offered a contract.  And, for some reason, it feels okay.  I love Tim Tebow's grittiness and still remember well his run in the NFL with Denver through the first round of the playoffs.  KISS is an underrated band and worthy of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

What I don't understand is why isn't KISS trying to get into the NFL.  According to Gene Simmons, he and the KISS franchise are worth billions.  Go figure.  The NFL needs its place in L.A. and KISS would fit the bill perfectly.  Would this mean the Redskins change their name to the Crue (from Motley)?  Just asking.

Rafael Nadal survived an incredible third set and went on to his 13th Grand Slam title in Tennis at the U.S. Open in New York on Monday, too.  Sports best current individual rivalry, between Nadal and 'the Joker'-Novak Djokovic, continues to amaze fans with their talent and professionalism.

There were also highlights released from Sunday's induction of Gary Payton into the Basketball's Hall Of Fame.  Interestingly, John Stockton presented GP, aka, 'the Glove'.

And, then, there was Monday Night Football with two great games.  I heard the second one was great; I can't say that I saw much of it.

The Eagles put on a show and join the Cowboys now as the darlings of the NFC East.  These two teams suffered pretty good last season.

The other football was setting the plate for Tuesday, U.S. versus Mexico with World Cup qualification on the line.

Wait, did I miss anything Monday, oh, did I mention there was a one-hitter in baseball?

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