Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Why Isn't Harvey Martin in the Dallas Cowboys Ring Of Honor?

This story has been written before.  Search 'Harvey Martin' and the question is asked, 'Is Harvey Martin the next Dallas Cowboy to enter the Ring Of Honor?'

Ironically, when DeMarcus Ware passed Martin Sunday for all-time sacks leader with number 115, he said after the game how great it was to be "etched in stone" with other Cowboy greats.  That's the problem DeMarcus, Martin's name is not etched in stone.

Besides Monument Park at Yankee Stadium, the Cowboys Ring Of Honor is probably the most widely known and most famous spot for retired jersey numbers.  The Ring Of Honor was established in the old Cowboys stadium in 1975 with its first induction, Bob Lilly.

Ware also mentioned Ed 'Too Tall' Jones, who's also not in the Ring Of Honor.  But, back to Harvey Martin.

How does a team's all-time sack leader for all those years (11 seasons), a former all-pro, defensive player of the year and Super Bowl MVP not make it to a list of retired jersey numbers, aka, The Ring Of Honor?

It can be argued that although Martin's contribution was impressive and stands out, retired numbers are too few to issue.

But, certainly it matters if the team was a winner most seasons or not in the years the player played.  For Martin, he has this on his side. Ware doesn't.

Ware's not worried about retired numbers now, he's more worried about helping his team become a winner.

Harvey Martin's name, along with 'Too Tall' and Randy White are the names from the defense that most fans remember most from those old-time Cowboy glory years.  The Cowboys were perennial contenders in the 1970's and early '80's.  And, it can be argued that those Cowboy teams were a big part in the building up of the NFL.  Some of the success the NFL has now and has had for many years is owed to those Cowboy teams.

Tom Landry, head coach, led a section of the country in those days with his style infusing Christianity and football.  It became a routine to go to church and then watch the Cowboys.  Those teams are what garnered the label 'America's team'.  They were winners on the field and in the homes of millions on Sunday afternoons and Monday evenings.

Harvey Martin was a big part of 'America's team.'  It's nice for him to get a shout-out now for dropping to second place on the all-time sacks list of the Dallas Cowboys.

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