Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Big Papi Ready to Match Legends Brady, Bird

With a Boston Red Sox win, David Ortiz, aka-'Big Papi', is almost a sure bet to be named MVP of this year's World Series.  It would be the first time for him.

In Papi's other two World Series wins as a vital member of the Red Sox, Mike Lowell, playing third base, and Manny Ramirez as an outfielder, won the MVP awards, in 2007 and 2004, respectively.

After the Red Sox win the game Wednesday or Thursday and all things are said and done, Ortiz will be the one remembered as the thread that tied things together during this run of Red Sox championships.

Ortiz is a winner and he carries a Boston Strong attitude.  He has been the glue for a winning atmosphere in the clubhouse and a magnet to attract fans who want to feel appreciated.  MLB needed Ortiz to do well in this year's World Series because he is good for baseball.

Ortiz already had close to legendary status in New England after being part of a team to finally win after a century and then doing it again a few years later. But now, with one more victory this season, he will join the likes of Larry Bird and Tom Brady, who were also leaders on teams that won three Boston championships.

Ortiz will be part of Bahhstahn folklore forever and he should also be headed to the Hall Of Fame.

There were five seasons that Ortiz was voted top 5 among MVP votes, nine seasons he has been named as an all-star and he's closing in on 450 home runs.

The numbers that stand out the most are his postseason ones (17 home runs and 60 runs batted in). He will be most remembered for his clutch post season at bats, helping the Sox to walk off a few times, including versus arch rival, the New York Yankees.

Additional World Series Baseball Musings:

1) The umpiring crew in this year's World Series seemed to lack diversity.  I saw a picture of them and they looked like the good ol' boy group (bunch of old white guys).  I didn't see any minority among them and I think it gives baseball a bad reputation as far as getting the game around different people.

2) Also, just curious, but what are the odds that a game will end on a balk, hits batsman, passed ball, infield fly rule or catcher's interference?

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