Sunday, October 13, 2013

Detroit Lions Move to 4-2 After 'Futility Bowl' Win Over Cleveland Browns

There were plenty of good NFL matchups Sunday:  The Saints/Patriots, Packers/Ravens, Niners/Cardinals and Redskins/Cowboys to name a few.

The Lions/Browns game wasn't a 'showcase' game, but it did pit two teams over .500 playing each other, so it would have to be included as one of the good matchups, as well.

It was nice to see these two legendary franchises, the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns, play a meaningful game for the League.  The financial struggles of both cities are well documented, Detroit and its bankruptcy and Cleveland with its share of unemployment issues.

The football teams are able to pick the cities up and provide an outlet for entertainment and a point of pride in the community.

The Browns have surprised pundits and fans by coming back with three straight wins after an 0-2 start and trading their starting running back, Trent Richardson.  Detroit has surprised pundits and fans by staying consistent with their play.

While the cities have kept their heads above water, sort of, the football teams have not done much of anything over the last few decades.  Since the AFL/NFL merger, beginning in 1970, the Cleveland Browns have played three AFC Championship games and lost all three of them (all of them were to the Denver Broncos).  The Detroit Lions have played one NFC Championship game and lost that one.

Neither team has seen action in the Super Bowl, a sad reality for two of the oldest, most historic franchises in the league.  And, a really sad reality for fans of the teams.

Both teams are part of the all-time futility list of pro sports teams in the U.S.  Thus, it is fitting for their game on Sunday to have the moniker of 'Futility Bowl'.

The game was an exciting one and kept the Lions on top of the NFC North division.  Detroit made a big comeback in the fourth quarter on the road in Cleveland, overcoming a 10 point deficit, and won, 31-17.

Brandon Weeden, quarterback for the Browns, has still yet to win as a starter.  But, the Browns are still relevant and viable as a possible playoff team with a 3-3 record.

The teams could play again this season, but that would be highly unlikely.  It would make a great sounding Super Bowl, though.  Browns versus Lions sounds great even for a regular season game.

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