Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How Revealing Was the Late August Three Game Series Between the Red Sox and Dodgers?

The Los Angeles Dodgers entered the August 23rd Friday night affair with the Boston Red Sox having not lost a series to another ballclub in more than two and a half months.  The Dodgers had won 46 out of 58 games coming in to the three game series.

I remember tuning in to the Fox nationally televised game and being stunned to see how much the Red Sox seemed in control.  I hadn't watched a lot of MLB coming into this game, but the matchup got me excited and I stayed with it for more than a few innings.

I had expected to see the Dodgers dominate, but, instead I saw them kind of wilting under some pressure.  It seemed like the Red Sox were imposing their will and I thought 'how strange' for the team that everyone was talking about (the Dodgers) to appear outplayed and not up for the challenge.

The Red Sox broke the series winning streak the Dodgers had going and took two out of three. This may not seem like a big deal, but it was surprising.

For MLB, a good majority of 2013 has been the year of the LA Dodgers.  There was a point in the season in which the Dodgers seemed to be Denver Broncos like or impenetrable.  

It is well known that Yasuel Puig reinvigorated the Dodgers after the team got off to a slow start in April, May and part of June.  It is also well known that Magic Johnson and others have poured billions into this club and that the pressure is on.

The Red Sox proved in a short series the Dodgers can be vulnerable in the right situation and they also proved how worthy of a team they really are.

The Red Sox have carved out a nice story themselves this season, including banding together to show off a happy, bearded crew.  Also, they have endeared themselves to Boston during a tough summer, staying true to the Boston Strong ethic.

This is one World Series scenario that could put some juice into MLB Tv ratings.

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