Friday, October 18, 2013

Manu Ginobili Featured in New ESPN SportsCenter Commercial

Ever wonder why the ESPN Deportes 'Sportscenter' isn't named 'SportsCentro'?

Neither have I.

Manu Ginobili makes his presence and his trademark left-hand shot in a new ESPN Deportes Sportscenter commercial.

He is a transcendent player.  Note the popular term, 'transcendent'.  It's the 'in' word for describing greatness in athletes.  But, Ginobili, really is.  His Olympic title probably cemented his popularity around the world.

Before viewing, prepare for goofy with no real point at all, but then watch it a second time to look again at Manu's reaction.  It's not bad and kind of funny.

It's rumored Ginobili and Lionel Messi are the Pope's favorite athletes.  The Pope wouldn't be the first in Argentina to have this list or the first in the United States and/or about a dozen other countries.

Ginobili, along with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker are now in their 12th season playing together for the San Antonio Spurs.  Parker and Duncan are in their 13th season together.

With Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees retired, Parker and Duncan are the longest pair of continuous playing teammates on any one team in all of U.S. team sports and maybe the world. The threesome of Duncan, Parker and Ginobili together is probably not matched by any club teams worldwide, either.

I'm still waiting for the next HEB Grocery store chain commercial from the threesome.

See here the Top Six Funniest Duncan, Parker, Ginobili commericals.

The NBA's regular season is just around the corner.  The Spurs open up their pre-season tomorrow night versus CSKA Moscow and open up the regular season on October 30th at home versus the Memphis Grizzlies.

Originally posted Oct. 2013

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