Sunday, December 1, 2013

Videos: San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili, Kawhi Leonard Release Hilarious New Commercials

Are these the funniest commercials ever promoted by pro athletes?  Better yet, are these the funniest acting ever by pro athletes?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had some seriously funny moments in Airplane!  O.J. Simpson gave it a yeoman's efforts in the Naked Gun series of movies.  And, apparently, Mike Tyson is hilarious in his one-man stand-up act.

For me, though, these commercials take the cake.  Each one made me laugh some.  It could be because I'm a huge Spurs fan.  But, I think they are funny for anybody to laugh at.

I was very surprised to see Kawhi Leonard in the spots.  He provided a different element, for sure.

Leonard is one of my favorite athletes to watch for many reasons.  Of course, I like his game, but it is his professionalism and sportsmanship that standout that I respect most.  After, the 2013 NBA Finals, Dwyane Wade called Leonard the 'Quiet Assassin.'  Wade said he never heard Leonard talk and so he still doesn't know what he sounds like.

Leonard's father was murdered when he was in high school and that may be the reason for his shyness and resistance to showing off.

It's refreshing to see athletes like Leonard and the rest of the Spurs, who have been together for so long as teammates, they can make funny commercials that make fun of themselves and not worry about how it might effect their reputations.

For me, they have enhanced their reputations by being so entertaining.  Enjoy this new round of :30-second spots for the HEB supermarket brand of products.  For Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker and Tim Duncan, this makes more than a dozen commercials together.  I listed my top six favorites before, click here to see.

Best Line: "Because I relish our friendship"

Last Line: Duncan says as he's walking out of the room, "What does 'indubitably' even mean?

Last Line: Kawhi says, "This is just how I do it, man (with a smile)."  Also, funny line: Parker says, "What about delicates?"

"Boom, Bam,'s good."  I say, "Not bad."

Originally Posted Oct/2013

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