Thursday, October 3, 2013

Which Texas Pro Sports Franchise is Performing Best?

Sports fans in Texas have had their fair share of disappointment lately.  Pro sports teams have not performed well in recent years.  For some teams, it has been a 'down' time for several seasons. 

Texas fans are used to titles.  Everything should be bigger in Texas, but lately, titles aren't.  Top tier professional teams were ranked from MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLS.  

For ranking purposes, championships, 'finals', and playoff runs are what set teams apart.  Or, what kind of hope is out there for the team's near future could also be a performance quality.  

In the past, the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavericks, FC Dallas, the Houston Dynamo and Dallas Stars all had championship rhythym.  The Texas Rangers and Houston Astros have been close and have won pennants.  The Houston Texans have recently won their division.  

Currently, this is how teams stack up:

#1) San Antonio Spurs-They have the most recent 'finals' experience and carry 15+ straight seasons of winning more than 50 games in the regular season.  The Tim Duncan era has been anything but a disappointment.  Although, game 6 of last year's finals was a hard pill to swallow.

#2) Houston Rockets-Right now, this is the team providing the most 'hope' to its fans.  In a short couple of years, they have landed mega-stars, Dwight Howard and James Harden, to lead the team.

#3) Houston Dynamo-With recent 'finals' appearances and on another playoff run, fans are assured of another winning season.  The new stadium is still attracting fans and expanding the fanbase.

#4) Houston Texans-This team is underachieving.  They could have been at number one or two on this list.  The team had momentum building over the last few seasons, but they have come out flat to open this year's NFL campaign.

#5) Dallas Cowboys-What has not been said about this team being a .500 team?  They have a chance this year to make the playoffs because of a weak division.  In order to improve on this list, the team must prove they can finish 9-7 or better.

#6) Texas Rangers-The Wildcard game said it all.  Their playoff run appears to be in jeopardy.  They had fans super emotional for a few seasons and were a 'game 6' type of craziness away from winning a World Series.  They have dropped down to mediocre.

#7) Dallas Mavericks-With a new season, comes new hope.  Unfortunately, Dirk is aging and there isn't a steady crew around him to help him.  They've signed a bunch of new players to try and find a formula that works.

#8) Dallas Stars-With the NHL, nothing is predictable.  Even though the team hasn't done much since the Brett Hull and Eddie Belfour days, no team can be counted out starting an NHL season.  Overall, they have been lackluster in the recent past.

#9) FC Dallas-This is a team that struggles at the gate.  They haven't been able to find players that galvanize the masses.  They are at the bottom of the standings.  A couple years back they did make the finals, though.

#10) Houston Astros-Recently, they had a 0.0 Nielsen ratings for a game.  They are the laughingstock of MLB.  And, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight to when it will turn around.

Overall, not a great bunch of teams.  The projection is not good for any new champions in Texas coming soon.

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