Wednesday, October 23, 2013

World Series 2013: Who/What To Root For?

Certainly, there won't be low Tv ratings in St. Louis or Boston for this year's World Series.  It may be different, however, nationally.

I don't think that many people throughout the country will have any kind of 'dog in the fight'.  I don't feel like I have one. I'm just not compelled to see all of this Series.

It's a combination of factors.  The teams have been here before recently and against each other. But, mainly, it's because the St. Louis Cardinals and Boston Red Sox don't have ace pitching staffs nor dominating athletes too watch.  It feels like above average baseball teams with no real underdog to root for.

I will watch and hope for quality, courageous baseball that may set up for a game seven.

I think there are decent story lines.  The best one being that these two teams have the best regular season records this season.  So, this is a battle of supremacy.

The more attractive scenario for the World Series this year would have been the Los Angeles Dodgers versus the Detroit Tigers.

I wanted to see Jim Leyland win with his exemplary pitching staff, but, Prince Fielder couldn't produce and a few other Tigers were not supportive either.  For me, the Dodgers represent the perfect team to root for and against, like a Miami Heat type.  Their payroll and attitudes while playing are reasons for fans to jump on the bandwagon or to get hyped to want to see them lose.

Boston Strong is a reason to root for the BoSox.  The tragedy during the Boston Marathon and seeing the city pull together has been tremendous to see for all Americans.

I remember the New York Yankees in 2001 after 9/11 and how they were an inspiration to the city and an entertainment distraction for so many.  They lost in seven that year to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Big Poppy, aka-David Ortiz, is fun to watch and will play DH in games at Boston.  He will be counted on as a pinch-hitter while in St. Louis.

The Cardinals have some players to root for, too.  Hometown talent (only playing for the Cardinals) Yadier Molina and David Freese tend to go about playing baseball without asking for too much fanfare. Carlos Beltran and Matt Holliday are helping to carry MLB forward from the steroids crisis by being star players who can produce in pressure situations.

So, the games will play out and a winner will be crowned.  What are fans rooting for most?  We want to see awesome plays in the field and we want to see the teams going for it: tags on runners, triples, squeeze-bunts, stolen bases, hit and runs, throw-outs from the outfield and controversial replays.

Prediction:  The Boston bearded crew will be slightly warmer with all the extra facial hair as we see temperatures dipping for the Fall weather and for that reason I give them the edge.  Boston in six.

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