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15 Bands that Belong in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

Originally published July/2013

Its the dog days of summertime, so why not review some music and trends.  Doesn't get any better than to talk about some of the best bands of all time.  Bands are hard to come by these days.  Seems like every time a song is sung, there's one person getting the credit. Solo work is the 'in' thing, while those classic band sounds have faded.

The Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame usually announces its nominees for the following year in October.   By December, the nominees know whether they will become inductees.  The ceremony comes around in late March to mid-April.

By not having a place in Cleveland, Ohio, inside the Hall Of Fame, many bands are flat-out disrespected.

After reviewing those already inducted, compiling this list wasn't really all that hard to do.  These bands are obvious choices and have made a lasting impression, contributing a different note to be played in the world of music.  Each has put out several recognizable hits and their music has had a strong impact on popular culture.

The Cars-too many hits to count.  Fun music with two lead singers.  They owned the late '70's and early 80's.  'Drive' was their big ballad.

Boston-arrived late onto the MTv scene.  Their first two albums are classics all the way through.  'Amanda' was a significant ballad for them in the '80's.  Masters of the multiple guitar solos.

Journey-what's to say.  The name and music say it all.  An absolute joke they are not in.  'Don't Stop Believin' is one of the most played song at sports stadiums.

Supertramp-enough hits to make it through.  Bigger in Europe.  'Breakfast in America' and 'Crime of the Century' are classic albums.

The Smiths-huge band for many years with guitar riffs and melodic sounds.  They stopped after four awesome studio albums.

Tears For Fears-distinctive sound and rocked it out.  Considered new wave.  Their first album 'The Hurting' is a treasure.  Very 'Beatles' influenced.

Depeche Mode-the biggest band in the world.  They tour to more countries and sell more tickets to live shows than any other band.  Considered electronic, but they have mixed in plenty of guitar over the years. And, what's wrong with electronic anyways?

Cheap Trick-had the biggest import album of all time to the U.S. with their 'Live in Budokan.'  Solid four-piece band with screaming vocals who continued to play more than four decades together.  'The Flame' was their big ballad.

The Cure-the high tops, white face and black mascara disguises incredible harmonies and arrangements among multiple guitars, bass.  So many significant albums to choose from.

Styx-arena rock band with interesting backstories to their albums, including 'Paradise Theater' and 'Kilroy Was Here.'  Album-oriented, layered rock to move and groove to.

Kiss-the beasts of the show.  Be careful what you wish for.  Kiss entertains because the music is good enough.  Sometimes simple in the musical presentation, but simple can be extraordinary if matched with the passion to play it.

ELO-took music new heights with the introduction of symphonic electronic music.  Many albums of successful tunes proven out in many recent television commercials.

INXS-they can not be dismissed among one of the greatest bands ever.  Original ideas and pounding beats make them unique.  So many hits to name.

J Geils Band-mixed the blues far enough as a house band until it rocked the audience out of their seats.  They were able to produce their own sound and generate pulsating hits.

Duran Duran-they took over the world at one time.  Sometimes, the style can overwhelm the talent.  Their talent shines through, though, over and over with many memorable recordings.

Originally published July/2013

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