Friday, November 15, 2013

Video: Fastest 100 Meters on Hands and Feet Makes Guinness World Record

For Guinness World Record day on Thursday, there were a variety of records broken.

Each year for the last several years, Guinness World Records has been seeking to increase its share of business and branding.  It makes one day a year its own for those people who want to try for the record books in unusual fashion.

Thursday, Kenichi Ito did it his way, almost staying in the same lane on the track.

It looks unnatural to run on all fours, hand and feet, but I'd also say Kenichi looks like an athlete.  It's obvious he's been practicing.

He ran 100 meters on all fours to break his own world record time.  The 30-year old has been training in this unique event for more than a decade.  He made it in 16.87 seconds breaking his previous mark of 17.47 that he set in 2012.

Why would people want to do these strange attempts at freakish activities?  To be different and probably for the glory.

Ito soaked in the moment.  He was very emotional afterwards.

Any chance this event ever makes into the Olympics?  Seems odd to be running like chimpanzees, since us humans can run well upright.

Maybe, there will end up a whole new counterculture of people living their lives on all fours.

Guiness is definitely making more strides in the business world of sports.  More records can be checked on or by clicking here.

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  1. Wow this is one I was definitely not aware even existed, congratulations to kenichi for having the world record for fastest 100 meters on hands and feet. Hope to see more updates soon.