Sunday, November 24, 2013

Only 3 NBA Eastern Conference Teams Are Above .500

After a dozen or so games played by each of the 15 Eastern Conference NBA teams, only three of them have win/loss records better than .500.

The two-time defending NBA champions, Miami Heat, and last season's Eastern Conference finalists, the Indiana Pacers, are dominating the competition with 10-3 and 12-1 records, respectively.  The Atlanta Hawks are the other team that can boast of a decent record at 8-6 (good luck naming any players on the roster besides Al Horford).

The Atlantic Division is so bad right now, all of its teams are below .500.

Let's do some quick review and analysis of the Eastern Conference NBA teams that were supposed to be good this season:  The Chicago Bulls, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets.

Chicago has lost its starting point guard, former MVP, Derrick Rose, indefinitely with a knee injury.  This will only compound their problems.  They had chemistry issues on the court and were stagnant on offense so far with Rose.  Sunday, the Bulls almost lost by 40 points on the road to the L.A. Clippers.

At 6-6, the Bulls will continue to win some and lose some with no long winning streaks on the horizons.  They have been a perennial playoff team from recent years and might make it again this season, but they can't be counted on to be any kind of major contender.

The Knicks and Nets, at 3-9 and 3-10, respectively, have been abysmal, embarrassing, disappointing and are without any quick fixes.  Both teams have multiple former Olympians, All-Stars and NBA champions.  But, they have dug themselves serious holes to crawl back out of.

The Knicks are currently on a four-game road trip having lost the first one Saturday versus the Washington Wizards with the remaining games against Western Conference foes.  There is no doubt this trip will leave them worse off on their win/loss record before getting back home.

The Nets got drubbed Sunday at home to the Detroit Pistons.  They are on the road for three of their next four games and will probably be worse off on their win/loss record, as well.  They are missing key players with injuries, including starting point guard, Deron Williams, starting center, Brook Lopez and sixth man, Jason Terry.

This season, the Eastern Conference Finals looks like a foregone conclusion, a repeat of last season's Finals, Pacers-Heat.

There are a wash of also-rans playing in the East.  Most of them will be battling just to get to .500 this season, waiting for the season to end and hoping for a good position in next year's draft.

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