Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Todd Christensen Said the Grossest Thing Ever

Sadly, football lost one of its great characters Wednesday when Todd Christensen passed away from complications of liver disease at 57 years old.

Christensen had plenty of professional football exploits to be proud of.  He was a leader on two Oakland Raiders Super Bowl winning teams and made five Pro Bowls playing the tight end position.

As a BYU product, his personality off the field didn't quite match up to the reputation of the school. Christensen and Jim McMahon are in their own category as BYU men who people wouldn't guess so.

After making his way to Los Angeles via the Raiders, who he was with during their move from Oakland, Christensen was a natural to become a broadcaster.  He was a successful one.  He broadcasted nationally televised NFL games and was a frequent host on the Tv show American Gladiators.

It was during these broadcast years that I remember Christensen making his mark in a most uncanny way while on a interview show with host Roy Firestone.  This ESPN show with Firestone was one of the biggest shows for sports on television at the time.

Firestone asked Christensen what was the craziest thing he ever saw in the locker room.  Christensen said that he saw a lineman once sitting on the toilet eating a sandwich.  Firestone was a little taken back by this and he said, "you're kidding."  Christensen said, "In one orifice, out another."

This made Firestone laugh with embarrassment.

Christensen was like that.  He was genuinely funny, a little outrageous and intelligent.

Here is a great clip of Christensen about how ridiculous he feels the NFL Draft is (I love the 'whoop' reaction at the end by his colleague-absolutely the right reaction).  I learned several new vocabulary words from this rant.  Thanks Todd.

He was loquacious and unique.

Christensen excelled in athletics, including baseball and continued to participate competitively after he retired from football.  He won national track and field events for his age group.

Sports lost a great one Wednesday, for sure.  He was cut from a different mold.

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