Wednesday, December 11, 2013

5 Reasons LeBron James Won't Leave Miami

LeBron James is happy and has been for a while.  Two consecutive championships for his Miami Heat and two Finals MVP's will do that.

Really, he had a personality change after defeating the OKC Thunder in the 2012 Finals.  He got the monkey off his back in that NBA Finals and hasn't gone sour since.

He's in good standing with the American public.  He's the most popular American athlete and one of the most popular athletes in the world.  He doesn't seem to be doing too much wrong these days.

The one faux pas of his career, announcing that he was 'taking his talents to South Beach' in an interview show format, is almost dead and buried.

So, if everything is going so great for LeBron, why would he want to leave after the 2014 season by optioning for an early termination on his contract, and play elsewhere?

I think he might do some reworking on his contract, but, I don't think he's going to leave Miami and here's why:

5)  Coach Erik Spoelstra.  A superstar athlete has to gel with his coach.  LeBron and Spo do.  It's obvious they have good chemistry.  They even appear together in a commercial in which Spo is giving LeBron advice as they watch video playbacks on games.

4) Dwyane Wade.  Just as Michael Jordan had his 'Batman' in Scottie Pippen, LeBron James has his in Dwyane Wade.  Wade plays the role perfectly and doesn't mind, at all.  Wade will continue to get the medical attention he needs to keep his knees healthy always come playoff time.  This is crunchtime and James knows Wade is the man when the games are close.

3) The Miami Vibe.  With LeBron in Miami, 'South Beach' becomes that much more of a magnet to attract free agents.  LeBron loves his team and how it is built by Pat Riley to compliment LeBron's talents.  Ray Allen is putting the icing on his career.  Chris Bosh is riding the wave, too.  In Miami, LeBron has a chance to surpass Michael's six championships.  

2) The Indiana Pacers.  LeBron has his best ever rival in Paul George.  The Pacers will continue to push the Heat and may even knock them out of the playoffs this season.  LeBron won't want to leave Miami on those terms.  He likes the budding rivalry, even if he proclaims none exists.  The Pacers are forcing LeBron to improve when he's already the greatest.  It's also convenient for him that the Pacers are the only major player in the Eastern Conference.  If LeBron went West, he'd have more difficult foes to deal with.

1) David Beckham and the Miami MLS franchise.  That's right.  LeBron is going to want to watch, monitor and supervise this new soccer franchise, so that it gets off the ground and wins championships, as he would expect it to.  What's a better place to ensure it all happens the best way possible? It is to stay in South Florida and see the franchise grow to fruition with the help of David Beckham.

I can't say he will retire with the Heat.  Retirement for LeBron is a long way off.  But, I think he's going to be in Miami at least five more seasons after this one.

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