Monday, January 13, 2014

Betting Advice: AFC, NFC Conference Championship Games

It's hard to imagine two more scrumptious games for the NFL appetite.  All four teams playing Sunday seem perfectly suited to become champs.

These are hard games to predict, but there are tremendous options to choose from when betting them.

When I bet, I always check odds at

Both the AFC and NFC Conference Championship games are so tight, my instincts tell me to take the dogs/points for both games.

I think the New England Patriots running game will keep the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning's offense off the field for a good amount of the time.  And, I trust Tom Brady to make the right passes at the right time.

I think the Denver Broncos defense is just weak enough that the game will have to be close at the end no matter what. If the Tom Brady vs. Ben Roethlisberger stats tells me anything, the Pats are going to the Super Bowl.

The Seattle Seahawks could end up pounding the San Francisco 49ers. It can happen that the circumstances in conference championship games overcome a team and turnovers become rampant. I don't think this will happen with the Niners. I think Seattle is the more susceptible team due to some youth and inexperience in Russell Wilson.

Seattle's 12th man will make it tough for sure. Again, I got take the points/underdogs. Ultimately, I have Colin Kaepernick leading his team to victory with his legs.

I see a great San Francisco/New England Super Bowl for this year.

My betting advice is to make two bets. Take a parlay on the money line with both the Pats and Niners on it. $100 should pay close to $450 plus your original $100 back to you.

On the other bet, take those same two teams with a six point teaser. The Pats are currently getting 5.5 points and the Niners are currently getting 3.5 points. The teaser will provide 11.5 points to the Pats and 9.5 points to the Niners. A $100 bet should get you $100 back plus your original $100 back to you.

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