Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Is it Time for a New Nickname for Toronto FC?: Top 3 Suggestions

Toronto FC has made it known that it wants to be a contender in MLS. The signings of Michael Bradley and Jermain Defoe give notice to their fans and teams in the League that Toronto FC wants to change its image.

The team known as the 'Reds' for their primary team color wants to turn the page on some lengthy losing and ordinary chapters. Toronto wants to become an exciting and dominant team.

With this exciting time for the franchise and so much change in the air, would it be a good time for some re-branding by trying a new nickname to replace FC?  Could it be something that would galvanize the public's attention and also help them to forget the bad start the franchise got off to since its inception in 2007?

FC as a soccer nickname has its challenges as I've opined on in the past. MLS Nicknames Confuse Joe Sixpack Sports Fan.

'Reds' is a nickname of sorts for the team, the unofficial one.  But, is there a better one out there?

If MLS Toronto has to keep the FC at the end, it can still place it after an original nickname.

For me, Toronto Reds FC doesn't work well enough and I would take out the FC completely.

Here are my top 3 suggestions:

Toronto is considered a diverse, global city with excellent infrastructure and a low crime rate. Why not highlight these awesome attributes.

1) Strong-seems like a steal from Boston since the Marathon bombing, but it is used on Toronto's Coat of Arms.

2) Beavers-the animal has many ties to the area as a native animal and with regards to a World War I Canadian military expeditionary force.

3) Express-because Toronto's public transportation is fun and modern. It also brings attention to the progressive technology, highways and architecture that Toronto is known for.

Each of these can be a fun, dynamic soccer nickname that fans could glom onto and build into a lasting identity.

An exciting Toronto club would mean a lot for the bigger picture of MLS.

If Toronto joins the LA Galaxy, Seattle Sounders and New York Red Bulls as a team with a reputation for winning and spending money on high-level designated players, it improves MLS from a global perspective because of Toronto's appeal as a well-known, organized, clean and beautiful international city.

Originally published January 15, 2014

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