Thursday, January 9, 2014

Is There One More Game Left for Candlestick Park?

Hopefully, they didn't start taking out seats or ripping up anything.

Candlestick Park already had its grand celebration and tributes for its retirement during the San Francisco 49ers last regular season game versus the Atlanta Falcons a few weeks ago.  It was a high profile game on national television for Sunday Night Football.

A bunch of past 49er greats attended and even Willie Mays made it to the game to highlight the many winning moments that Candlestick had for San Francisco Giants fans, too.

For all intents and purposes, Candlestick Park had been put out to pasture.  Ah, but, wait.  There is a possibility for an 'unplanned game'-the NFC Championship.

At the time of that last regular season game against the Falcons, it seemed a remote possibility for San Francisco to host one more game.

They were going to be the fifth seed no matter what and fifth seeds are not usually hosting championship games. In fact, its never happened.  One of the reasons its never happened is because in order for it to happen, the sixth seed has to be the opponent.  This means both teams in the championship conference game would have to win two road games each in the playoffs to set it up.

In last week's Wildcard round, the possibility for Candlestick Park to open one more time stayed alive when the New Orleans Saints as a sixth seed showed some mettle and beat a very good Philadelphia Eagles team.  Then, the Niners did their part in beating the Packers.  And, here we are for the Divisional round with some earth rumblings being felt again all around 'The Stick'.

The Saints and Niners need to win again this weekend for it to happen.

Surely, Bay Area fans will be rooting on the Saints who play the early game on Saturday.  The Niners play on Sunday.

It is an unpredictable scenario to have happen.  The fifth seed hosting a sixth seed for the first time on the last time a stadium is ever in use.

Bay Area fans will probably be eating gumbo for luck and why not?  One more game.  One more incredible game.  Can it happen?

I think it can.  Both the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers are inexperienced in the playoffs while the Niners and Saints are both experienced.  They will be close games.  All the teams are tough.

For NFL fans who have been fans for years and years, here comes the best weekend of NFL football all year.  Have fun watching!

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