Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kicking Around: The Denver Broncos, Dennis Rodman and Baseball's Hall Of Fame

I haven't typically participated in any quick news and notes of the sports world, but for time's sake, I am giving my piece of mind to a few topics today.

First off, I want to tackle the Dennis Rodman situation.  Some of you may know that Dennis Rodman and Manu Ginobili are my favorite basketball players of all time.  And, frankly speaking, I love their personalities.  Dennis can't do much wrong in my eyes.

I support Rodman's crusade to 'loosen up' the tension between North Korea and much of the rest of the world.  He is right in many ways.  Kim Jung Un is very young at 31 years old and may be able to learn more diplomatic manners by allowing Rodman in for basketball exhibitions.

Also, Rodman is correct in defining his place in his journeys to North Korea.  I applaud him for now speaking out to say that when the time is right he will talk to the DPRK leader/ruler about matters relating to the perception of North Korea from outside the country.  He is developing a friendship and wants it to be genuine.

Regarding Rodman's North Korean efforts, I believe the pundits and critics are mostly speaking from an entrenched white man's media world and can't seem to see 'the forest for the trees'.

Moving on to Baseball's Hall Of Fame, I believe this year will definitely bring on some new inductees. Last year still leaves a bitter taste for sports fans.  I expect there to be a few guys going in because of the dryness and staleness of last year.

My vote would be for Tim Raines, Mike Piazza and Greg Maddux.  Each of these guys made their marks on the game and each did it differently.

Raines specialized in speed, outfield glove, hitting for average and longevity.  Maddux was a stalwart starter with consistency and longevity as his hallmarks-along with his pinpoint control.  Piazza brought pizzazz and homeruns.  He was clutch with great offense and a rock at calling games from behind the plate.

Has anybody else noticed the Denver Broncos will have to beat two teams who already beat them in order to get to the Super Bowl?  All three of their losses in the regular season came to the teams left in the AFC playoffs-the San Diego Chargers, the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots.  What could the odds have been on that?

I think there's pretty good added motivation in Denver and familiarity for their AFC foes to play their cards right for a return to the Super Bowl.  Unfortunately, I have them losing in the Super Bowl to whoever comes out of the NFC. I think the elements of the outdoor carpet in February in the New York/New Jersey area will bite back at them.

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