Thursday, January 1, 2015

'White Cards' Are Sign of Soccer's Global Pursuit for Perfection

Michael Platini is a heavyweight in Soccer.  A significant former French player, he has been president of UEFA (Union of European Football Associations), since 2007.  Arguably, this is the second most important and powerful position in global Soccer-after FIFA president, Sepp Blatter.

Platini is the one talking about making changes to the card system and adding a 'white card' prior to the yellow.

The fact that Platini is willing to go outside the box and talk about perfecting the game is an intriguing development.

Obviously and for so many years now-with so much money involved on a daily basis, refereeing the game appropriately is critical for fans, players and owners.

Still, it is surprising that Platini is willing to offer a solution.  This was a bold statement from Platini and he can upset a lot of purists. Blatter is on the record saying he is not for it (according to the referenced article above).

I would not call the pursuit of 'white cards' a proclamation for 'americanizing' the game.  But, I think it's close.  I think it is different than the goal-line technology because goal-line technology is an obvious steal from American football being the first to institute instant replay in order to ensure a referee's call as correct or to be corrected.  Goal-line technology was the first outright type of americanization of soccer, in my opinion.

American ideals showed the courage (the balls) and now all the major U.S. sports are using replay in some regard to get referee calls right.

This pursuit by Platini with the use of white cards should be applauded by American sports fans. MLS commissioner Don Garber would likely be especially interested to see how it would work.  He seems to be in an endless battle for respect with teams, players and fans when it comes to MLS and its referees.

Platini's 'white card' idea may never be achieved or a different version of its purpose may be employed in the future. Regardless, Platini is making astute observations and trying to improve the accuracy of the sport.

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